Mitsubishi Mirage: The Ultimate Student Car

Back to studies and the Mitsubishi Mirage makes the grade! With great affordability, sleek styling, roomy comfort and multiple safety points, the Mirage will see you reliably through the winter no matter where in Canada you are. With a sensible price tag and fuel efficiency, the Mirage offers freedom and convenience while being kind to your wallet. It’s perfect for student life!


With the start of the academic year, most students are finding their bank accounts stretched, the last thing they need is an overpriced, bland, and fuel-guzzling car. Starting at just over $12,000, the Mirage offers a multitude of features perfectly tailored for our up and coming scholars. Along with the hatchback’s relatively low MSRP, the mirage tops Capital One’s list of “The Most Environmentally Efficient Cars You Can Buy Today” with 6.6-7.1L/100km in the city and 5.6-5.8L/100km on the highway. The combination of low price and unparalleled fuel economy makes for an excellent student car that will not end up leaving a hole in your wallet.


While the budget-friendly sticker price and fuel-sipping efficiency are enough to convince some students to take the car off the lot then and there, others are less concerned with the inside of the car and more interested with how it looks. This is another area where the Mirage shines. The sleek design offers a myriad of colors to customize and personalize your new vehicle.

Ranging from Sunrise Orange to Sapphire blue and more to chose from, this elegant and compact hatchback will have you confidently cruising campus in style.


Being a hatchback, the mirage comes standard with a surprisingly spacious interior leaving you with tons of leg room. Along with the comfortable and inviting interior, the subcompact hatchback comes chock-full with convenient features like remote keyless entry which students are sure to enjoy.

Situated between the driver and passenger seat comes a 6.5”, smartphone compatible, information display. This vehicle comes equipped with the perfect tools for a modern driver like Android Auto and Apple Carplay providing a comfortable and convenient cruising experience.


While some drivers might be hesitant at the thought of entering such a compact and light vehicle, fear not, Mitsubishi has included modern safety features to relieve such worries. The Mirage offers the standard seven-airbag interior safety precautions, as well as a rear-view camera display ensuring you have 360 degrees of protection. Also included in the Mirage are safety systems like Anti-Lock Braking and Active Stability Control for improved traction on those slippery winter days, making sure those pesky Fredericton snowfalls do not slow you down.  With a 4-star overall safety rating, the Mitsubishi Mirage will be sure to get you where you need to go in once piece.